How can we help?

We are an affordable, full-service family-owned mortuary, serving San Diego County for over 12 years, in a professional and caring manner. We offer everything from simple cremations and burials, to celebrations of life, traditional funerals, and worldwide ship outs and repatriation of remains.

Whether your loved one is at the San Diego Medical Examiner, passed away at home, nursing home, or at hospital, we can coordinate to transport and care for your loved one, while keeping you informed every step of the way. We offer aquamation, cremation, natural or green burial, Terramation or Natural Organic Reduction.

Our job is not only to be your Funeral Directors during the loss of a loved one, but also answer to a calling to help you preserve your family’s end-of-life traditions or any new ones you are open to explore. With us, you can have funerals your way and meaningful celebrations of life to truly honor the lives of those you love.

 24-Hour Emergency Service

(619) 280-0101


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