Hand-Crafted Caskets

We support other small, local businesses and makers, because by keeping resources and income, circulating within our community, we strengthen our local economy and create more opportunities and jobs.

We feature real wood caskets made by Juan Carlos, a local manufacturer of traditional caskets in alder, pine, and birch. The nicest thing about these caskets is that they are within financial reach, and are between 20-to 40% less than other mortuaries and casket sellers. We include one in our affordable burial package. The prices are great, but we can also find some comfort, during these difficult times of need, to be able to secure a beautiful and eco-conscious product for our burials, made by local, loving hands.

Update: As of 6/1/2022, due to supply chain issues, we are not able to offer this option at this time. We hope to be able to provide you with these beautiful caskets in the near future. We are still able to offer handmade urns by local artisans.


Here is Juan Carlos with the Italia Casket

To find out more about these unique and high-quality caskets, call us today at

(619) 786-6715

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