Includes everything needed for a direct cremation:

  • Transportation from Hospital to our Funeral Home (within 25 mi radius)

  • Services of Funeral Director/Staff

  • Coordination with Hospital, Doctors, Hospice, and Private Cemetery

  • Processing of Permits and Death Record

  • Cremation (under 250 lbs, no pacemaker/electric implant)

  • 1 Death Certificate (San Diego County)

  • 1 Disposition Permit from County of San Diego

  • Snap Lid Plastic Urn (upgrades available)

  • Return of Remains to Family/Legal Agent in our office

This price includes a cash/check payment discount.

Additional fee for residential removal, pacemaker/electrical implant removal, rush requests from family, courier fees, identification viewing, etc.  All of our additional services are listed on our general price list, which is available upon request and will be freely discussed over the phone when making arrangements.


(619) 786-6715

To pre-arrange a future cremation for you or a loved one, call our preneed specialists for a no-obligation appointment or more information. Plans for direct cremation start at $15 per month and vary depending on age, length of plan (single pay, 1, 3, 5, or 10 years)

Preneed Specialists:

(Bilingual: Spanish): (619) 333-6837

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