Death Doula

Death Doulas go by many different names. Soul Guides, Death Companions, Transition Specialists, End-of-life Doula, End-of-life Companion, Death Guide, and many others. They provide a very important service to the community, and especially to the dying individual. They fill a gap of care that was previously overlooked or unknown. Now, more than ever, during the height of the death positive movement, it is more important than ever to have a “good death”, a kind and dignified passing.

Every death is a uniquely personal experience and the journey can be enriched by hiring a Death Doula in the moments leading up to the end of our earthly existence.

Death Doulas are many things. They are a source of strength, a willing listener, a non-judgmental facilitator or companion, and even a legacy project manager, but there are also things the Death Doula is not. The Death Doula does not provide medical assistance, and although the Death Doula can help plan for a live funeral or end-of-life care, their duties are not those of a Funeral Arranger or a substitute for a Funeral Director.

At San Diego Funeral Service, as an independent death-care provider, it is our clear intention to provide a more holistic approach to death. There is no reason not to integrate Death Doula services into death care. It is our personal belief that it is beneficial for the dying person and the family to have continuous contact with a trusted, caring, and capable professional. This is why we are honored to provide a meaningful selection of complimentary death doula services, in addition to other nominally priced options to our preneed care.

Call us to ask about our in-home consultation and how we can help with your journey, before and after death.

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